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Buying SUP Paddles? Here Are Some Tips to Get the Best One

Having the perfect SUP Paddles based on your style, board and body are crucial if you want to enjoy paddle boarding at its best. There is a huge difference between a low-quality and good quality paddle. Even though you have a good paddle board, without the best paddleboard paddle, you will not enjoy the real fun of paddle boarding.

As per the experts, the best and right types of paddleboards are efficient, sturdy, and lightweight, and they will feel like your body’s extension. If you are looking for the best paddles, here are some tips to help you with that.

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Consider the Length of The Paddle

While searching for the best SUP paddles, you should check the length of the paddle. If you choose a very long paddle, then using that will be very uncomfortable, and if it’s too short, you will have to bend down every time you paddle the board. To calculate the perfect size, follow these tips:

  • Keep your paddle vertically and ensure the teardrop portion is touching the ground.
  • Now, you need to raise your arm and find out where that paddle lies.
  • If the handle rests at the wrist’s bend, then the size is perfect for you.


Experts always suggest choosing a handle around 9 to 11 inches longer than your height.

Fixed-Length and Adjustable Length Paddles

  • Fixed-Length Paddles – Some paddlers prefer to buy a fixed-length UP Paddle as it is lighter and stiffer. Some fixed-length SUP paddles can be cut down to attain the desired length. But before buying one, understand your desired length.
  • Adjustable-Length Paddles – Such paddles for sup are very versatile, and you can experiment with them to attain the length that will work for you. These types of paddles can be used by taller or shorter paddlers. An adjustable sup paddle comes in different adjustment options, so carefully choose one that meets your requirements.

Don’t Forget to Check the Material Used.

You will make thousands of strokes in just one hour of paddleboard paddling. And if you have a heavy paddle, you will feel tired quickly. That’s why most experienced paddlers choose lightweight paddles. It may be noted that the overall weight of a UP Paddle can be influenced by the type of material used. Besides, it can also affect the price. Furthermore, the material will also determine the stiffness of your paddle. Here you should consider the below-mentioned points.

  • Are you looking for a lightweight paddle? If you are planning a long tour or want to participate in paddleboard racing, opting for a lightweight paddleboard paddle will be an excellent option. However, if you don’t use a paddleboard much, this should not be a major concern.
  • How much can you spend? Carbon fiber sup paddles or fiberglass paddles will cost more than plastic or aluminium paddles which are quite heavy.
  • Consider your current health- If you have wrist or arm injuries, then you should go for a paddle that is flexible to use.

Now, let’s talk about some common materials used to make a paddle.

1/ Carbon Fiber Paddles

Paddles made of carbon fiber will be more expensive, stiff, and lightweight compared to other SUP paddles. Investing in Carbon fiber sup paddles makes sense if you are a long-distance paddler. You can also go for an affordable design that comes with composite construction, like a combination of fiberglass and carbon.

SUP Paddle - Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Paddles - 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle Board Paddles w/Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass Performance Blades - Carbon, Fiberglass, or Aluminum Shaft Stand-Up Paddles
  • FEATHERLIGHT, ALL 12K CARBON FIBER SUP PADDLE: Built for ultimate speed and performance, the Elite 12k Bamboo is a paddle board paddle with a carbon shaft and blade (with stunning Bamboo veneer) and T grip handle. Weighing just 1 lb 8 oz, the shaft and blade deliver controlled flex and maximum power transfer. The SUP paddle is perfect for anyone looking for ultimate paddle performance in surf, touring or race conditions.
  • ADJUST PADDLE LENGTH TO SHARE IN SECONDS: Want to share the paddle? Simply adjust the carbon fiber sup paddle in seconds from 72 to 86 inches (1.82-2.19m), making it ideal for paddlers from 5ft to 6’9. The adjustable paddle board paddle takes under 20 seconds to set up and take apart.
  • ANTI-TWIST CHANNEL SYSTEM: Tired of 3 piece carbon fiber paddle board paddles that move and twist back and forth? Our patented Anti-Twist Channel System means that there’s zero lateral twisting when paddling, maximizing power transfer and smooth paddling. Finally, a carbon paddle board paddle that makes life easier!
  • RUGGED 3-COMPARTMENT ADVENTURE PADDLE BAG INCLUDED: Our 12k carbon paddles are travel ready and come with a 5mm padded nylon bag to keep the paddleboard paddle protected from bumps and scrapes. The paddle in the bag packs down to 41”.
  • NATURAL BEAUTY, TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES: A thing of beauty! Our Elite 12k Bamboo paddle combines natural beauty with cutting-edge technology. The Bamboo veneer enhances the paddle's appearance, while the carbon shaft and blade provide unbeatable strength and speed. The result is a paddle that is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

2/ Fiberglass Paddles

Fiberglass is a common material for blades and shafts of SUP paddles. The material is stiff and can effectively convert your stroke’s power. However, compared to carbon fiber, this is less stiff. These paddles are more affordable than paddles made of carbon fiber.

3/ Aluminium Paddles

Aluminium paddles are more durable than plastic, but they are affordable. But they will feel a little heavier and may not float on the water. However, some paddlers have seen using plastic blades and aluminium blades together for better results. 

4/ Plastic Paddles

This material is generally used in grips and blades and is quite common in entry-level paddleboard paddles. The material is affordable and durable and can be used with an aluminium shaft.

Consider The Size of The Paddle Blade

Speaking about the paddle blades, they are dipped into water to create movement. The paddle blade’s size and shape will greatly influence your paddle’s performance. It would be best to choose a paddle blade based on your paddle style and size. There are two options:

  • Smaller Paddle Blades – Most river riders, long-distance racers, and people covering a long distance while paddleboarding prefer to use smaller blades. They go easier on the joints.
  • Larger Paddle Blades – Using these, you can move more water with each stroke. You can use a SUP paddle with a larger blade for better speed and to produce more powerful strokes. However, it will weigh a little more.

The offset of the Paddle

It speaks about the degree to which the blades angle forward from their shaft. Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on this. For SUP racing, around 12-degree of offset point will work great. For surfing, it should be around 7 degrees.

Final Words

No matter what type of SUP paddle you choose for your paddle board, you will have to make sure that you have chosen the paddle after considering all these factors. This is crucial to understand; be it a professional or a beginner, every paddler has a unique set of requirements. On the other hand, your paddle board paddle should not be too expensive but should be of good quality. Besides, it is important to ensure you feel comfortable using it. Well, if you still have any confusion, then don’t hesitate to take the help of an expert to find the right type of paddle board based on your skills.

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▷ Best SUP Paddles 2022 - Top Rated Paddle Board Paddles
Having the perfect SUP Paddles based on your style, board and body are crucial if you want to enjoy paddle boarding at its best. There is a huge difference between a low-quality and good quality paddle. Even though you have a good paddle board, without the best paddleboard paddle, you will not enjoy the real fun of paddle boarding.
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