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Hurley Paddle Board

Hurley Paddle Board

Hurley Paddle Board

The company, Hurley, was founded in 1979 as Hurley Surfboards//International Pro Designs. He partnered with Billabong, an Australian surfing product company that marketed a lot of its wares in the United States. In 1999, Billabong had grown to such an extent that maintaining its US market was becoming unwieldy.

In 1989 when Billabong’s USA license came up for renewal, the company decided not to do that. Instead, they founded Hurley International. Hurley International sold to Nike in 2002. After some floundering about, Bob Hurley was re-established as CEO of the Hurley brand. Hurley largely focused on youthful activities such as surfing and skateboarding around 2005, when paddle boarding became popular.

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Hurley SUP Boards

Hurley SUP Boards become popular in the last few decades despite the fact that paddle boards had been around, especially in Hawaii, since the late 1800’s, but it was not until the latter part of the 1900’s when beach life became extremely popular that SUP (Standup Paddle Boards) became popular. One paddle board enthusiast stated that he turned to paddle boarding when it became harder to get on top of the board after paddling out. It seems that age catches up with everyone eventually – including surfers.

Hurley Inflatable Paddle Board

Hurley inflatable paddle boards proved to be a viable alternative to earlier hard paddle boards that imitated the standard surfboard. They were easy to pack for travel, yet could be left inflated all summer for enthusiasts who did not want to deal with blowing up their board each day.

Although developed as a sort of hybrid between surfboards and kayaks, versions of paddle boards had been around for quite a while. But they became popular in the latter part of the 20th Century. Although the originals were more than a little bit clunky, the more modern boards were eminently usable by young and old alike. They were great for touring along shorelines, fishing, and could even be used as a platform for practicing yoga.

Hurley Advantage 10' Stand Up Paddle Board with Hikeable Backpack, Air Pump, Adjustable Floating Paddle, Coiled Leash, Fin & Repair Kit (Black Tiger)
  • Includes: inflatable stand up paddleboard, coiled leash
  • Dual action hand pump
  • Utility waterproof backpack bag
  • US standard detachable fin & repair kit this set includes everything you need to get out on the water right away
  • Model Number: HUR-004

Hurley Paddle Board Accessories

The company markets a variety of paddle boards and Hurley paddle board accessories. Inflatable paddle boards have the advantage of being easy to pack if you are sampling beaches along the edge of a country or around the world.

Accessories include a variety of items, including tethers, waterproof cellphone cases, electric pumps for easy inflation, and a buoyancy aid that includes a pocket for your cellphone.

Hurley Phantom Tour SUP

If you are not sure what you want in the way of a paddle board, the inflatable Hurley Phantom Tour SUP is a good place to begin. The purchase package includes one Hurley Phantom Tour board, a hand pump, a tether, an adjustable floating paddle, coiled leash, a repair kit, and a backpack that will not only keep your SUP board and accessories together, but also has room for your other gear.

Hurley PhantomTour 10' 6" Stand Up Paddle Board with Hikeable Backpack, Air Pump, Adjustable Floating Paddle, Coiled Leash, Fin & Repair Kit (Color Wave)
  • Includes: 10’ 6” Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard, Coiled Leash, Dual Action Hand Pump, Utility Waterproof Backpack Bag, US Standard Detachable Fin & Repair Kit. This set includes everything you need to get out on the water right away.
  • The Hurley PhantomTour 10’ 6” SUP is perfect for Touring, Racing, Fishing, Yoga and Surfing! Take on any conditions, in and easy to transport package and lightweight setup. Perfect for paddlers of all skill level. Board Dimensions: 10’ 6” x 30” x 6”
  • With 2 ply high density drop stitch and pro laminate fusion material, The Hurley SUP offers board stability with the highest quality material. This board can handle up to 280 lbs of weight.
  • The included hikeable waterproof utility backpack and dry bag makes storing and carrying your board & accessories to the water easy and convenient. The carrying bag contains exterior straps to latch the pump, paddle and fin to the outside of the bag to increase storage capacity inside. Keep clothes and valuables safe and dry throughout your SUP adventures with the waterproof dry bag. Hurley DryBag & SUP backpack is perfect for all outdoor activities, including hiking, trekking and backpacking.
  • Hurley was founded in Huntington Beach in 1999 on the principle of empowering and fueling the voice of the next generation. Disruptive innovation is our unique blend of style and performance and has Hurley sitting as the global benchmark for performance both in and out of the water. Trusted in quality for over 20 years! Hurley - Born from Water.

The Hurley Inflatable Paddle board is ideal for traveling along your own home coast or touring the beaches of the world. When deflated, the board can be stowed in any conveyance. With the hand pump, it is easy to inflate it at your destination, no matter how remote. The repair kit is handy if your SUP board should happen to spring a leak, but these boards are tough and designed to help keep you on top of the water. The buoyancy aid is for just in case you wind up in the water, while the tether keeps your board with you – not floating out to sea.


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