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BOTE Paddle Board

BOTE Paddle Board

BOTE Paddle Board

BOTE paddle board company began as a small, family-owned business. Corey and Magda Cooper wanted to design and market a better SUP paddle board. They felt that most of the SUP boards on the market were simply glorified surf boards. The boards were difficult to balance on, not terribly maneuverable, and somewhat fragile. They were sufficiently certain of their chance for success to quit promising careers and begin a startup in Destin, Florida.

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 The Coopers started on a shoestring. They withdrew a small 401K, valued at around $7000, and had a handful of credit cards as backup. More importantly, they had skills that were perfect for their dream business. Corey was a mechanical engineer, Magda was a financial advisor. They both brought a love of water (Magda had been a champion swimmer), and they had moved to Destin, Florida because it was a small town that focused on water–water sports and water-oriented businesses.


In 2008, they first tried SUP paddle boarding. They liked the concept but hated the boards. Together, they set to work to design a better board. The goal was a board that anyone could paddle, that was stable enough to fish from, and that could hold a cooler for beer or soft drinks. At the same time, it needed to “look good, really good.” That was the beginning of the BOTE SUP.

BOTE Inflatable Paddle Board

A BOTE inflatable paddle board is available through small company resellers, Amazon, and from their own website. BOTE products include rigid paddle boards, as well as inflatables paddle boards – gorgeous, brightly colored, attractive products from basic SUP boards to diving platforms and kayaks. Most of them include the innovative magnetic cup holder that, when paired with a BOTE covered cup, will keep your drink at hand throughout the roughest weather. And that is just one of the many practical, colorful, and attractive accessories available.

Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

You can expect quality from a Breeze Aero inflatable paddle board, just as you can from all BOTE products. The Classic Teak Breeze Aero is bundled with the Aero SUP paddle seat, and the 5-piece adjustable kayak paddle. If you already own a BOTE SUP, the seat is backwards compatible with older models of paddle board.

Inflatable paddle boards provide a portable, packable board that can go with you almost anywhere – even if you are flying. With that said, you can leave your inflatable board aired up through the summer – just keep it out of direct sunlight when not in use.

BOTE HD Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board MAGNEPod Compatible Blow Up iSUP with Paddle Travel Backpack Adults Kids Family Friendly 11 FT 6 in Size Multiple Colors
  • Supreme Versatility - The HD was crafted to be the "do everything" board. With an entry rocker, wide base, and Compatibility with BOTE rac systems this board is ready for any adventure.
  • Dimensions: 11′6″ L × 34″ W × 6″ D
  • Capacity: 315 LBS
  • Made with AeroBOTE - Constructed with our Aero Technology to ensure peak rigidity and performance.
  • Included in Purchase: One (1) HD Aero 11′6″ MAGNEPod Inflatable Paddle Board One (1) 3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle One (1) 10″ Removable Aero Center Fin One (1) Pair of Slide-In Aero Rac Receivers One (1) Removable Aero Paddle Sheath One (1) Aero Repair Kit One (1) Hand Pump One (1) Travel Bag

BOTE Accessories

BOTE accessories include things like the Aero seat, coiled safety leash, cooler bucket rack, paddles, backpacks, bottles, and more. If it is an item that will make your time on and in the water better, then there is a good chance that BOTE makes it.

Imagine just for a minute the whole family seated on a C-shaped Dock Hangout, with a Kula (BOTE’s cooler), BOTE tumblers, with your BOTE boards moored at its edge. BOTE makes the perfect stuff for fun in the sun, especially where water is involved.



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